lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Preview release of devwsys

A preliminary version of devwsys is publicly available:
This version does not have a functional drawing device yet, but can be used to create windows and read input events. Libixp and mk are the only external dependencies required to build. The Inferno drawing libraries are included in the repo.

Running devwsys a 9p server is started (by default in /tmp/ns.$USER.$DISPLAY/wsys). When mounted, a new window is created in the X display, and the following files can be accessed:
  • winid: an unique window id.
  • label: read or write it to get or set the label of the window.
  • mouse: to get mouse and resize events.
  • cons: to get keyboard events. Alt is the compose key.
  • consctl is only a dummy file. cons is always on rawon mode.
  • wsys/n/ gives access to the file system of all the open windows.
  • draw/ and draw/new are not functional yet.
Devwsys still needs much more work, but is progressing. There are still many aspects to improve, and more files need to be implemented for rio(4) compatibility. The drawing device is the top priority now.

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