lunes, 13 de junio de 2011


9win was the first of a series of experiments. It consisted on adding a 9p fileserver to p9p's devdraw using libixp.

The whole file system required by a wsys device was not implemented. In fact, only the most basic functionality made it into 9win. An attach created a new window with an unique id and a mouse event caused a message to be printed (to stdout, not even using the 9p file system!). Although 9win was just  small hack, I consider the experiment quite successful: it showed that libixp was a good candidate to get the project running (certainly faster than writing our own 9p implementation), that 9p can be served and X events read without using dedicated threads (9win was not a multi-threaded program), and that p9p's devdraw design allowed to be easily extended to support multiple windows and other protocols.

A devdraw device which servers 9p is basicly what we are after, but in order to compile 9win you needed p9p, and p9p is not an acceptable dependency for 9vx, drawterm or Inferno. That's why the next series of experiments consisted on looking for a version of the libraries which was portable enough for our purposses.

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